2022 MWAA Passport Challenge

Download Instructions: It’s easy, on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop,
download the free MWAA Mobile App:

  1. Visit the Apple Store, Google Play, Blackberry World, or Windows Store and search EventMobi.
    2. Once installed, add the event titled mwaa2021

Or, access the MWAA Mobile App on any web browser https://eventmobi.com/mwaa2021/

Login to the MWAA App:
1. Click Menu (upper Left)
2. Click on Passport Challenge  
3. Click on Challenges to review all the
events, sessions and Sponsors to obtain points from.
4. Click on individual Challenge to input the 4-digit passcode
received from exhibitor, session or event.

From a Web Browser on your computer or other device click HERE or type in https://eventmobi.com/mwaa2021/ to be taken to the
Passport Welcome Screen and follow the directions from above when at the
Passport Welcome Screen.

Actually, it’s very simple!  Accumulate a minimum of 2,000 points in any combination and your name will be entered in the drawing that will take place at 6:45PM on Thursday, July 22nd in the 7th Floor – Salon 1.

Grand Prizes:

Other Fantastic Prizes: